In the age of 40, Elizabeth Mitchell is on top of her career. After starred in Lost TV series, she now appears in the remake of famous sci-fi miniseries, V. Now, the reason why we love to watch the cast of Dr. Juliet Burke (Lost) and agent Erica Evans (V) is because Elizabeth Mitchell has one of the best cleavage on television industry.

You won't see Elizabeth Mitchell in more enchanting form besides when she walked on red carpet with dress that highlight her cleavage as shown on these post. Too bad there are some pics which show Elizabeth Mitchell with completely overdo makeups, which made her face looked scary, which led us to appreciate her boobs as her most beautiful asset even more..


  1. fagodi Says:
  2. OC are not bad pictures actress! even one set himself on a desktop:)

  3. Bingo games Says:
  4. She is beautiful but she looks ugly in the second picture.

  5. What a beauty!! Really she is looking so gorgeous.


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