Toni Braxton Wardrobe Malfunction

Posted by Dummy Nov 1, 2009

Just because I have posted about Teri Hatcher before, it doesn't mean that I had a thing for women who above 40-year-old age. Yup, this time I post Toni Braxton, who born in 1968, 1967, or 1966 (according to wikipedia, either one is right she's obviously more than 40 years old). I don't care if someone is on her 20's, 30's or 40's as long as they're still look hot and sexy.

This time we're gonna focus on Toni Braxton wardrobe malfunction. In the 1st row of the gallery you'll see Toni Braxton's upskirt moment where she revealed her white panties. She did that when performed on 2006 World Cup Opening along with Il Divo on stage. Boy, does she know how to choose her moment!

On the next pics you'll see Toni Braxton in sensual see-through shirts that highlight her beautiful breast. And last but not least, Sexy Celebs HQ always have a good lingerie pics of an actress, and you can see red-haired Toni Braxton topless wearing only her panties.


  1. Bingo Says:
  2. I love her hair in the last pictures.

  3. power chords Says:
  4. Really nice! Red hair, cool!

  5. girlgames Says:
  6. Oop,i saw it.Like her leg in the last pic

  7. wow...
    she's 40 but have body like a teenager...
    what kind of exercise that she do..?

  8. OweEng2 Says:
  9. Well aside from what kind of exercise she do? What kind of diet she eat? Man she's hot even at 40+

  10. kwekblogger Says:
  11. You mean she's more than 40? Really, she looks like in her mid 20's. She's hot in red hair!

  12. looking beautiful !! i am really impressed to see Toni Braxton image .crazy

  13. wow she has sexy boobs


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