Denise Milani - Real or Fake?

Posted by Dummy Sep 9, 2009

Okay, let's meet Denise Milani, The Czech International Model. I'm sure you boys ever heard of her, and even hunting for her pictorials. This 29-year-old sexy celebrity is very stunning, especially in the breast department. Now, let me ask you a question, do you believe that Denise Milani's voluptuous breast is natural?

Denise Milani always claims that her boobs are natural (unlike Gemma Atkinson that already stated that she did a breast implant), but there are some doubts. Possibly her decision to never do a full frontal nudity pose is to maintain this assertion by hiding her surgery scars. The most substantial prove of Denise Milani's breast being augmented is the fact that her fun-bags are significantly larger in her more recent photos than in her early photos.

Let's hope that someday Denise Milani would take off that bra and let us decide whether the boobs are real or fake.....


  1. games Says:
  2. I am specially interested in her breast department. I like them no matter they are fake or real.

  3. Bingo Says:
  4. I think they are real.

  5. definitely real I say, I've seen too many fakes where I'm from and this is by far natural as they can be. The top left picture however looks bigger, but it isn't something photoshop couldn't do.

  6. Nepali Girls Says:
  7. Her boyfriend might be very lucky.

  8. Her bunnies are real there is no doubt it looks very real

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. Fake! Take a look:
    Pre boob job, nose job, chin job pictures of Denise Milani, real name Denise Trlica.

  11. They look real but pretty sure they have had some enhancements over the year. Either way none of us would kick her out of bed!! ;)

  12. Nick Says:
  13. Mama mia.. :D

  14. Anonymous Says:
  15. I'm surprised that there is confusion over Denise Milani's boobs, as they are certainly not natural. A comparison of pictures from the early 2000's and now shows quite clearly a large increase in volume and a completely different shape. She had large and somewhat saggy natural breasts, and it seems she decided to "fill them out" with implants. Also, though perhaps not only due to surgery, check out the freaky position of her nipple! Scroll down just a bit to see the before and after. She was a saggy 34D cup before she had her breast augmentation.

  16. Anonymous Says:
  17. So agreed Anonymous ^^^ and anyone who thinks those boobs are natural is delusional. I've seen commentary saying that her breasts are natural and look the way they do because of the tops she wears, which is beyond ludicrous. A bikini top blows up tits like that and makes them float? HARDLY. I also cannot stand the commentary from "men" saying "no, don't go topless!" - those people are outright idiots who should be banned from ever saying such utterly ridiculous things on the internet, ever, anywhere. Don't get me wrong: I think her big fake boobs are delicious, and she is a gorgeous woman. There is no dispute there. (Personally I MUCH prefer her two years ago to her present "cut" physique) ***My perspective on the entire matter is this: Don't put yourself off on your PPV website as being all natural when you are very obviously not, and then enticing us to pay to "see more" when all you get is "more of the same". Her falseness in this is precisely why she would never take her top off and thereby discredit herself and her "all natural" breasts.


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