Gillian Anderson Hairy Armpit

Posted by Dummy Jul 22, 2009

Gillian Anderson, mostly known as Detective Dana Scully from The X-Files TV Series. On her prime time she was called one of the sexiest celebrities alive with her mysterious beauty. Gillian Anderson (born August 9, 1968) is now 42-year-old and her body still in good shape.

When she was chosen as 1996 FHM's "Sexiest Woman in the World" Gillian Anderson always took a good care about her appearances. But in these recent pics, Gillian Anderson went out to a gala wearing black tank top. At first there was nothing wrong with her, she still looked hot and sexy. But when she raised her arm, did she forgot to shave her armpit...?


  1. Peter Says:
  2. Oh my gosh, this isn't good! :D

  3. Metal Says:
  4. gosh that makes me horny, she is a milf[censored]

  5. gospel Says:
  6. oh god! why is she doing that ! some body tell her its not cool

  7. Bingo Says:
  8. OMG it`s true. Maybe she hadn`t time.

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. Hairy armpit was a fashion at that time. Gillian did that as an act of rebellion as to show the world that she didn't care how people would think of her.

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. Very attractive woman - and somehow, this makes her even sexier....!!


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